Dear participants

Welcome to the mini-course Applied Econometrics for Spatial Economics. I hope you will enjoy the course. Please read this course manual very carefully.

I hope to see you all in class,
Hans Koster


1) Course structure and online teaching

This course will be taught entirely offline. We will have sessions of 45-60 minutes on Monday, October 23, and Tuesday, October 24.

During each session there is room to ask questions. Furthermore, we will discuss applications and undertake exercises using Mentimeter in order for you to better understand the materials.


2) Course schedule

Topic 1 Session 1 Spatial econometrics I: Spatial data and variables 10/23/23
Session 2 Spatial econometrics II: Spatial autocorrelation 10/23/23
Session 3 Spatial econometrics III: Spatial regressions 10/23/23
Topic 2 Session 4 Discrete choice I: Random utility framework 10/23/23
Session 5 Discrete choice II: Binary choice models 10/23/23
Session 6 Discrete choice III: Multinomial choice models 10/23/23
Topic 3 Session 7 Identification I: Research designs 10/24/23
Session 8 Identification II: RCTs / OLS/ IV 10/24/23
Session 9 Identification III: RDDs / Standard errors 10/24/23

The accompanying literature and materials are downloadable from the 'modules' page.


3) Materials

Topic 1 - Spatial Econometrics
Topic 2 - Discrete Choice
Topic 3 - Identification


4) Recapitulation materials

To refresh your knowledge on Ordinary Least Squares, Instrumental Variables and panel data (which I assume that you will master), please click here.